May 13

OK so check this out!!  The Zune at last is coming to Canada and to celebrate Microsoft is chucking a couple of parties so if I can figure out who 'The Ostrich' are perhaps I'll go down and catch the show starting at 9 PM on MAY 15TH at the IDEAL ART SPACE (202-17 AVE).

Show dates for other cities (note different bands in each city).

EDMONTON,  with a party on MAY 16th at 9PM with a performance by THE WICKED AWESOMES at THE ARTERY (9535 JASPER AVE).

WINNIPEG with a performance by NOVILLERO at the GRAFFITI GALLERY (109 HIGGINS AVE) on MAY 23rd at 9PM.

TORONTO, kicking off at 9PM on MAY 30th at the DELEON WHITE GALLERY (1139 COLLEGE ST).

MONTREAL show has yet to be announced

HALIFAX with a show by DOG DAY at THE BUS STOP THEATER (2203 GOTTINGEN ST) at 9PM on JUNE 6th.

Please Note: All times, venues and performers may change.  Check out for the latest information.  Don't forget, you may need to RSVP for the events in order to gain entry.  Also, these shows are all 19+.

PS if you don't know what a Zune is, it time to move out of the cave.

May 10

Of course papajohn would have an excellent vid of the party at  This one will show just how incredible the band was and some of the performers.  PapaJohn is a Microsoft Movie Maker MVP so you know to expect a great show.

And some more vids:


Eric Rocked Big!!


Make sure your sitting down before watching this one, and yes Kathy was fun.


I'm heading down to Tech-Ed in Orlando for the Dev Session and when I've been to Tech-Ed before I always make sure I hit the Jam Session as its a blast.  So picture this, Microsoft provides the venue, stage, dance floor, lights, sound system, instruments (I mean everything, drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, horns, etc) and of course tons of great food and 'refreshments' and the good times and talent is provided by the attendees (and you wouldn't believe just how much talent techies have).  So June 3rd I'll be at the Jam Session as it goes from 9pm to 1am and is a total blast.

TechEd 2006 Jam Session Sample