Apr 24

Ever had one of those moments when you realize, your hard drive is full and there really isn’t anything you want to remove and you wish there was just an easy way to keep everything and just increase the size of your hard drive without having to rebuild and reinstall everything?  I had this problem with my laptop

The Problem

So I went out and purchased a new Western Digital 320GB drive (Memory Express is an excellent place to buy components in Calgary) so I’d have some elbow room again on my laptop.  Then I had Home Server do a backup for me

23-04-2009 5-28-54 PM

23-04-2009 5-30-02 PM

Since I had opened email and such since the nightly backup and I didn’t want to lose anything and then waited for that to finish.  I then removed the old small drive and install my new 320GB drive, put the ‘Home PC Restore CD’ in the drive and booted up the system.  When the restore software starts up it asks for the password to the Home Server (make sure you have a network connection) and confirms what machine this is, and starts the restore process.  Now since the hard drive was new, it need to be setup and formatted and this step likely took the longest of the whole process (moving about 90GB across a 100MB/sec network isn’t exactly speedy either), but when the restore was done, I had to reboot the system to load the new hard drive driver, but once that was done I had my system back with room to spare

The SolutionThank you Home Server for making that easy and quick, like I said, I love my Home Server