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Weather Barometer

My grandfather was a homestead farmer in Alberta in the early 1900's and I will alway remember how as an old weathered retired farmer when he shuffled down the hall to unload his Copenhagen dipping tobacco that he would always stop at the barometer, give it three taps and set it. Years after he past away I got a barometer and found myself giving it three taps and setting it just like he did and I thought about what that barometer meant to him. When he started farming all those years ago as a young man, there weren't any satellite weather images or even a weather forecast at all, so he was responsible for forecasting his own weather, which was vitally important, for example could he go out and cut and store hay such that it wouldn't be wet, or be dry long enough to harvest his crops. We all take weather forecasts for granted but not that long ago, you had to develop the skills to forecast your own weather. This is why the barometer was so important to him, as it was tool that gave him valuable information as to how the weather was changing.

Barometric pressure remains an important tool in forecasting weather but now even some of our phones have a barometer built into them.  With our Weather Barometer app you can use it to forecast your weather.  Is the pressure high or low and perhaps most importantly how is it changing and you can use this information to tell if its going to be sunny, cloudy or stormy and how the weather will change in the near future.  Just as my Grandfather checked his barometer you can tap twice on your barometer and get a new reading and if you set and hold your finger on the barometer it will mark that pressure so you can check again later to see how the pressure is trending and make that all important forecast just like those rugged farmers of old.  Not connected to the internet and can't get a weather forecast, no problem as our Weather Barometer doesn't need a data connection as like their barometers, it works off grid.

Weather Barometer is a free Windows Phone app available for phones which have a built in Barometer Sensor (currently only the Lumia 950XL and Lumina 950).