Release of Winner Winner App

Always fun releasing apps and especially so for apps you designed and built as something you need.  I do a number of presentation every year and handing out door prizes at the end tends to be a bit of a confused scramble and not the cherry on the top of a great presentation that I’d like.  So I needed something better, something easier, faster, more engaging, something smooth and professional, but I couldn’t find an app that worked for me, so being a Windows software developer I wrote my own.  May I present Winner Winner the easiest and fastest way to let people enter and win prizes that runs on a number of Windows 10 devices including desktop, tablets, phones, hub and even the HoloLens. Everyone carries or wears an electronic device with Bluetooth, so let that be their entry into your raffles or door prizes. No more hassles with lists, paper or tickets, as with Winner Winner you can quickly and easily have people enter your draws anywhere. Just have them put their Bluetooth device in discovery mode and Winner Winner will discover and enter them and even randomly select the winners. Want to limit the entries to only certain types of devices, no problem as Winner Winner can filter devices to only those you want. Winner Winner has addition features and controls will make your contests even easier and more successful and that’s what we call a Winner Winner.  You can see a brief overview of Winner Winner here

If you have been to one of my recent presentations then you have seen Winner Winner in action and seen how fast and easy it handled entering contestants and handing out prizes.  You can download Winner Winner for free here in the Microsoft App Store.

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